Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My poem

I teach my students this story called B. Wordsworth. Basically, it's about a guy in Trinidad who considers himself a poet. He has never sold any poetry - sort an eccentric type of fellow. He lives live as a poet would and sees life through a poet's eyes. He claims to be writing the world's greatest poem...a line per month, one line at a time.

As the story goes on, it's obvious that the poem is a metaphor for his life. Each day lived is added to this masterpiece poem (i.e. his life). And, the end result is that his life is the masterpiece poem, every moment significant, every moment contributing to this invaluable piece of art.

My students need to come up with a line every month that represents their life...part of the 'masterpiece' they are creating each day, with every experience.

And, the cool thing is that in Eph 2:10, when it says that we are God's 'workmanship,' - the Greek word is actually 'poeima,' where we get our word for 'poem.' So even in a very literal sense, our lives, us, we are God's poem.

So, I think that is where I am going with this... musings, experiences, ramblings, questions, epiphanies...the sum total being the lines of this poem God is writing.

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