Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is for Who???

I was pondering that as I was going to sleep last night. With the creation of this blog, who is this for? Should I tell people I am doing this? Should I tell them to come and read? Is that the same as the people on MySpace who post a picture and write 'Comment me!'? Is this just for me? If so, why not just use a Word document???

So, to be honest, yeah - I do hope somone will read this and that this isn't just for me.

The audience will definitely have something to do with what I write. I mean, I'm a teacher. I go to a church...I certainly wouldn't want to use least in an incriminating way, lol. I have to write with the knowledge that people I know could possibly find this. But, I feel OK with that, because it's not really a diary of my life...who cares that I tried to make pancakes this morning and that they turned out like rubber (Trader Joe's mix...can't say that I'm a fan.)?

But more, it's things I'm learning along the way, things that maybe they can learn from, too. If someone can take something from the reflections here - whatever that may be - then maybe this will be for them.

So, how would they get here then? I'm not sure...because I don't think I'm going to really advertise this. I might refer someone here if the right moment avails itself, but we'll see.

Maybe it will just be a moment when Providence aligns with coincidence or opportunity.

But I don't think that is for me to worry about right now.

Because maybe, it is just for me. And it needs to be worth it if the only eyes that ever see these pages are mine. Because, all said and done, this is my journey. God's poem of my life.

As Mr. Contes has told me (often), just let it unfold. And we'll see where perhaps my journey will intersect with someone else's.

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